The Photobook: Going Beyond the Form | Teun van der Heijden

In the five day book workshop at Chobi Mela Teun van der Heijden will teach about all the aspects of how to turn a body of work into a book. Many of the books that Heijdens Karwei designed will be used as an example on the editing and compiling process, concept development, design issues like choice of size, paper, grid and typography, and the guidance of the printing process. The workshop is designed for photographers who are interested in working on a concept, edit and sequence for a book. Part of the workshop is to analyse each students body of work, to make an edit for the book and come up with a book concept. The idea is that all the photographers will participate in this process and pushing each other creatively and conceptually. In the second part of the workshop all students are expected to create their own physical dummy under guidance of Teun. 

“Although we live in a digital age there is more attention for the paper photo book then ever before. Since the invention of the camera phone we have started to use photography as a visual language in a broader spectrum from the colloquial to the formal, a language that has no geographical or national boundaries. On the net we are constantly in contact with the rest of the world. We still have fully embrace and adjust to this new frontier in visual communication. The paper photo book represents solidity, something we can literarily hold on to. It is a tangible object and, despite being a reproduction, it has the aura of the original object, in this case the photograph. The contemporary photo book can be seen as a visual novel. It is with this in mind that graphic design agency Heijdens Karwei designs their photography books.”


Teun van der Heijden is a graphic designer and owner of Heijdens Karwei, a graphic design agency based in Amsterdam known for the design of award winning photography books as Belgian Autumn – Jan Rosseel, Via PanAm and Diamond Matters – Kadir van Lohuizen, What We Wear – Pieter van den Boogert, Interrogations – Donald Weber, Black Passport – Stanley Greene, Rape of a Nation – Marcus Bleasedale, Latitude Zero – Monique Stauder, War Porn – Christoph Bangert and recently Gold Coast – Ying Ang. Since more then ten years Heijdens Karwei designs the World Press Photo yearbooks and exhibitions.

Duration: 5 days

Date: Jan 25 to 29, 2015

Seats: Booked