The Self-Portrait Experience | Cristina Nuñez

This 3-day long workshop comes from Nunez’s personal experience, using the self-portrait as self-therapy since 1988, after her troubled adolescenes. The method’s goal is the exploration of one’s own identity and the stimulation of the creative process through a series of exercises and the use of specific artistic criteria for the intuitive perception and choice of the works. During this workshop, there will be individual self-portrait sessions, group work on the assignments and the final work for a projection. Participants are also recommended to watch Nuñez's videos, SOMEONE TO LOVE and HIGHER SELF to better understand THE SELF-PORTRAIT EXPERIENCE.

SOMEONE TO LOVE brings together for the first time the best self portraits taken by Cristina Nuñez during her life. The voice of the author accompanies the viewer through her family history and childhood, her troubled adolescence and the evolution of her self-image, her relationships and the discovery of the self-portrait as a tool for self-therapy. The video HIGHER SELF is a presentation of the neohumanist philosophy of Cristina Nuñez, her innovative method and her vision of art as a powerful tool for social activism. The video is a self-interview in which Nuñez exposes her ideas and methodology, giving the instructions for the "emotions exercise" and showing some of the collaborative self-portraits produced during her workshops.


Born in Figueras (Spain) in 1962, Cristina Nuñez is a self-taught artist-photographer whose work has been published and exhibited internationally.

Following a troubled adolescence with drugs, Cristina Nuñez has been taking self-portraits since 1988 as a form of self-therapy, to explore her personal and creative identity and to raise her self-esteem, especially in moments of crisis. In 2007 she started to put together her project SOMEONE TO LOVE, her autobiography in self-portraits, family pictures, video and text, which was shown at the Mois de la Photo in Montreal in 2011. Her autobiographic video SOMEONE TO LOVE obtained the Celeste Prize 2012 and her work But Beautiful, the Prix de la Critique 2013, Voies Off, Arles.

In 2005 Nuñez built THE SELF-PORTRAIT EXPERIENCE®, her own method to expore one’s own inner life using the self-portrait, with guidelines for an intuitive perception and choice of the works and to start one's own self-portrait project. Since 2005 Nuñez teaches her self-portrait method in workshops.

Duration: 3 days

Date: Jan 24 to 26, 2015

Seats: Booked

No Fees

Submission Guideline: Your submission should be a cohesive body of work with minimum 15 to 20 images and an essay (about 300 words) on your work. We will not accept single image submissions. Images should be in JPEG format with 1000 pixels on the longest side.

Submission Deadline: December 10, 2014

All submissions will receive an email response by December 15, 2014

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