Suvra Kanti Das



Das was five or six when he borrowed his cousin Biddut’s camera, but when the camera eventually broke, his photography stopped. In 2002, he joined a computer science course and in 2005 got a job in a telecommunication company. He was making good money and bought a decent camera. His friend Imtiaz, impulsively said, “let’s join the basic course at Pathshala” which they both did. Though Das continued his IT job, he also completed the three-year course at Pathshala. The experience of being with Shahidul Alam, Abir Abdullah and Munem Wasif was transformative, though he’d never gone out shooting with them. He was at the peak of his IT career but decided to quit and take up photography full time instead.

When he worked as a fixer for Kevin Frayer at Rana Plaza, Das felt the photographer was dancing with the camera. This was another transition point. Das doesn’t care much for art photography, enjoying instead, the power of the medium. Covering disasters and conflicts for agencies, Das always took some photographs for himself. It is these personal images, which he always visualises in black and white, which he feels are his assets and feature in the show.