Sharad Das


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My current body of work is devoted to knowing oneself, which is a journey. It is about discovering what I am as a human being - yes, the real ‘I’. The journey is unpredictable, it brings me face to face with myself, with my deepest fears, doubts, vulnerabilities and insecurities. The process is deeply connected with fear, the fear of death, and in a way, the fear of arrival, too.

We encounter the same search for knowledge of the self in Baul philosophy, probing the inherent divinity of the body and searching within the self for meaning, for discovering ‘moner manush’ (man of my heart) in the lonely path to knowledge. The human body occupies a central place in Baul thinking. Fakir Lalon Shah has variously described the human body in his music –as ‘abode’, ‘cage’, ‘boat’, ‘arshi nagar’. The body is a temple, a vessel for the soul and ultimately the Supreme Being. There is no truth outside the material body. The body is the universe and the universe is the body- it is the first axiomatic principle for Lalon. Body as a material being is the way to know the universe.