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Sculpting With Light | Mahbubur Rahman

A workshop spearheaded by Mahbubur Rahman of Britto Arts Trust. The workshop’s goal is to take photography out of its usual element and mix it with other mediums of art. The three-month-long workshop developed artists’ ideas through discussions and collaborations in group settings. Painters, sculptors and photographers worked together to develop their budding ideas into exhibition ready presentations. 

One artist printed and cut photographs to make weavings out of them. He also brought the photo print to the third dimension by custom making the frame to be a part of the overall installation. Painters were armed with different methods of printing photographs.  Others chose not to use the white gloves and careful attention given to developing photographs, and instead used a more hands-on approach usually used with painting processes, leaving matters more to chance and happenstance in order to discover new methods. 

The artists over the course of three months kept the camera in the center while exploring new and collaborative interdisciplinary art forms.

Sadia Marium 
Debasish shom 
Arifur Rahman 
Shadman Shahid
Anisuzzaman Sohel
Shimul Saha
Manir Mrittik

Collaborative Work
Sayed Asif Mahmud
Syed Tareq Rahman

Emran Sohel
Promothesh Das Pulak
Sumon Wahed