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March 04, 2019| Monday


10:00 am: ‘Curatorial Concerns: The Archive in Contemporary Practice’, by Rahaab Allana | Goethe-Institut

11:00 am: ‘Balancing Power: Institutions, Involvement & Influence’, Aunohita Mojumdar, Anupama Sekhar, Marina Tabassum, Moderated by Hadrien Diez | Goethe-Institut



3:00 pm: ‘Her Take: (Re)Thinking Masculinity’, by Anush Babajanyan | Goethe-Institut

3:30 pm: ‘Supporting the Stories that Matter: Diversity, Education, and Solutions’, by David Campbell | Goethe-Institut

4:00 pm: ‘Magnum Foundation: Expanding Notions of Documentary Practice’, by Noelle Flores Théard | Goethe-Institut



6:00 pm: ‘The Earth is Closing on Us - Rohingya Refugees in Exile’, Curated by Sarker Protick and Munem Wasif | Goethe-Institut

7:00 pm: Artist Talk by Jan Banning | Goethe-Institut

Earlier Event: March 3
March 03, 2019 | Sunday
Later Event: March 5
March 05, 2019 | Tuesday