Sarker Protick



Impermanent, intangible and omnipresent, light is at the core of our human experience. It declares presence only through absence. It raises questions of place, transition and presence; all of which are found throughout Origins, an exhibition in three parts by Sarker Protick.

‘Origin’ hovers between corporeal and meta-physical. Protick’s use of light as protagonist, combined with deliberate monochromatic arrangements, create a truth that is not factual, but emotional. It is document only to a suspended reality, where we are in a concurrent state of wake and sleep. In this reality, time is perpetually slowed; and for the first time we are not just looking, but seeing.

In Origins, the viewer moves through three distinct atmospheres. In the first atmosphere, forms hover weightlessly against rich blue gradients. We are simultaneously in the sea and in the sky, as weightless as the forms in the images themselves.

The transition into the second atmosphere is one from light to dark. In a room lit only by small light boxes, we are participant and observer. The abstraction present in the first atmosphere has come lightly into focus. The eye of a horse, rivers from above, trails in the sky: while we recognize the subjects, the glow combined with a de-saturated palette echoes the surreal. The most striking aspect of these images is their stillness. We are suddenly interior, standing before a series of windows into an alternate reality. 

The final atmosphere of Origins is composed of projection and sound within an altered space. We enter at the widest point of a dark room, walls slowly narrowing to frame the moving image.  We recognize the sound (composed and performed by Protick) is rooted in classical instrumentation; yet is feels wholly instinctual. The slow, steady transition of red light moving across night skies hypnotizes as the orchestration lulls us slowly. We are now firmly in an organic atmosphere, witness to a seemingly infinite transition. Akin to the slow dissolve of breath, each inhale and exhale guides the rhythm of our presence in this room, in this moment.

Debra Sacco, Artist

LA, 2017