Razib Datta



Songs from the second floor

 These images are still images of vintage FDC [Film Development Corporation] cinemas taken by old phone cameras of old television sets.  Our youth was spent in watching FDC cinemas on TV screens. We were a joint family of 14 plus members, and our hearts would beat in rhythm to the cinema scenes as they flashed by on our 14 inch monitor.

 The fourteen of us are no longer together. The TV set is not there either, nor are those films. Nowadays, every room has a TV set, large ones, most recent model. Old cinemas have given way to new ones. These have new characters, new songs, new dances, new kinds of violence, stories too, are new. Nothing old exists any longer.

 When I came across what is old in the mofussil [provincial towns], when I saw old TV sets anew, I thought of capturing these images by using old phone cameras. To take photos, gaze at them. It made me realise all over again of how detached we have become. These images made me realise how such familiar scenes and faces have become alien due to alienation.

 I am sharing these images with viewers and readers here, through these means.