Søren Pagter

For the past 20 years Søren Pagter has been the head of the world-famous photojournalism programme at The Danish School of Media and Journalism. Søren Pagter both runs the photojournalism department and teaches at different workshops at the school. He mainly teaches documentary photography, editing, visual/personal story telling and co-operation with journalists.

In November 2018, Pagter published the book "The Essential Image", which contains his view on documentary photography.

Over the years, Søren Pagter has been conducting many external workshops both in Denmark and abroad, for instance in Egypt, Nepal and Armenia. He has worked with many Danish newspapers in order to make the co-operation between photographers and journalists better.
Søren Pagter has been a jury member at POYi, at the Lumix Festival in Hannover, at the Danish and Finnish Picture of the Year and many other places. Just like he's a part of the exhibition committee at Copenhagen Photo Festival.
Søren Pagter is educated press photographer in 1991 and has worked as such until 1998, where he got employed as a teacher of photojournalism. During his career, Søren Pagter has done several photographic projects - both traditional reportage stories and more artistic work. He still takes up some assignments and tries to make one project of his own every year.

Photo: Tao Lytzen