Bruno Boudjelal

The Franco-Algerian photographer Bruno Boudjelal is a member of the Agence VU. He photographs as a way of life, and investigates his own identity and confronts us with ourselves.

When he decided to return to Algeria with his father, he discovered a country, but also a family, a world full of violence, landscapes that spoke to him and individuals who addressed him without himself knowing exactly where to place himself. Boudjelal has been exploring on a personal level the country since 10 years after that first trip. His work being between travelog and testimony, with images from black and white to color, makes more and more clear his work is not only subjective. It is marked by his personal history but his aim is to put the daily life and the history in perspective. Between two continent and two cultures, he is simply generous and he claims his capacity to understand and transmit a complex issue between the North and the South.