Installing from the Inside Out | Philip Blenkinsop. 


Philip Blenkinsop will bring unframed photographs to install his work. The aesthetic outcome of the installation will be determined by the given space, his visual perception, and the utilization of readily available resources.

Blenkinsop will share his experience on the process, curation, the inevitable frustrations and the problem solving techniques that follow. Workshop participants will be accompanying the photographer over the five-day period of the installation.



Philip Blenkinsop (UK/Australia, 1965) - Since arriving in Asia in 1989, Philip’s name has become synonymous with forgotten conflicts. From weeks spent traversing the mountains of East Timor with Falintil guerrillas, to tribal war and cannibalism in Borneo, to the tragic plight of Hmong Veterans and their families lost deep in the heart of Laos’ forbidden zone. Philip’s most recent reports have been in China covering the banks of the Yellow River and the earthquake. When not in the field, Philip resides in Bangkok.

Duration: 5 Days

Date: Jan 18 to 22

Seats: Booked