Omar Imam


Live, Love, Refugee

In Live, Love, Refugee Omar Imam dissolves the recurrent representation of Syrian refugees by replacing numbers, reports, and statistics with hallucinations, fears, and dreams. In refugee camps across Lebanon, Omar collaborates with individuals through a process of catharsis, one he believes to be deeply healing. He asks them to recreate their dreams: dreams of escape, dreams of emasculation, and dreams of love and terror. Sparse and surrealistic, the resulting images evoke the deepest and darkest inner worlds of those persisting everyday with their roots stretching further from a home left behind. In turn, these self-composed photographs challenge projections of victimisation, offering entry into the expressive interior from which our humanity stems.

Drik-Pathshala Under-Construction Building

16 shukrabad West Panthapath,

Dhanmondi, Dhaka 

Gallery Hours:

11.00 AM to 08.00 PM (Everyday)