Najmun Nahar Keya




Najmun Nahar Keya’s work is based on her family photographs; some of the photographs are very old and some are recent. All demonstrate life events, moments, underlying emotions and critical issues in her life.

But Keya is not a photographer. She is a painter who regularly uses photography as her reference for her art, particularly painting and drawing. Sometimes she collects photography from different discourses based on her themes, and sometimes she arranges the subjects and takes photographs for her work. Her interest is in querying the technique of the printing process.

At first, her idea was to develop new drawings based on old family photographs. But while collecting photographs from family and relatives and selecting them for her work, her primary idea shifted to another level.

She integrated new ideas with different techniques, beginning with drawings based upon the photography, then working on the photographs using gold leaf. She also photocopied one photograph, copied it again, and again, from copy to copy until it faded. She would then transfer its impression onto paper using refined turpentine and work on it. It is a continuous process that she incorporates with new ideas and techniques.