Molla Sagar


Titas - The River

Previously, the River Titas had a sustaining force. Gradually, it dried up. By the time it was almost dying and the land had started to emerge, the river was not for fishermen anymore. Cultivators came to the fore. A new civilization was born.

Sagar's film Titas - The River is about the present day struggle of the fishermen community of the Titas (known as 'the Malo'). It is a story of their continuing right for survival and of the river itself. His film is inspired by Ritwik Ghatak's portrayal of this subject in his 1973 film entitled Titas Ekti Nodir Nam (Titas is the name of a River), which in turn was based on the novel of the same name by the legendary writer Advaita Mulya Barman (1914-1951).

The mythical identity of the River Titas motivated Sagar to make his film. Despite the reality of the crisis, there is a dreamy beauty to the river. People who obey this river are very innocent; decentralised from the suppression of society. The film endeavours to preserve their thoughts.

Sagar has shown the film to the Malo community and projected their feedback. The visual distinction of the two periods of time, past and present, helps to compare the life of the Malo community now and then.

Titas - The River is a participatory documentary film. It strives, through its photography, to communicate the true essence of Bangladesh to its audience. It deals with the crises of mass people as well as their dreams and suggests that their way of living can inspire anyone to live a happy life with peace.