Lois Patiño



Night Without Distance

HD/ 23 Min./ 16:9/ Sound/ 2015

An instant in the memory of landscape: the smuggling that for centuries crossed the line between Portugal and Galicia. The Gerês Mountains knows no borders, and rocks cross from one country to another with insolence. Smugglers also disobey this separation. The rocks, the river, the trees: silent witnesses, help them to hide. They just have to wait for the night to cross the distance that separates them.


"The idea of border is also reflected in the formal aspect of the film, where fiction, documentary and experimental mingle. I used immobility and a extreme color treatment to emphasize the idea of being in a spectral and timeless space. A landscape populated by ghosts of an indeterminated past. 

I decided to represent a scene of smuggling in the Serra do Geres, in routes actually used by smugglers. Where the people from the area would participate also as actors (several were actually smugglers in his youth)."