Kanu Gandhi


Kanu's Gandhi

An exhibition of rare and intimate photographs of the last 10 years of Mahatma Gandhi’s life by his personal chronicler and grandnephew, Kanu Gandhi.

This exhibition, presented by Nazar Foundation, follows the publication of the book by the same name, the third title in the Nazar Photography Monograph series.

Kanu Gandhi, Gandhi’s grandnephew came to live with him in the Sevagram Ashram and became his lifelong follower. Gandhi allowed Kanu to photograph him on the condition that no flash would be used and he would never be asked to pose. Though some of Kanu Gandhi’s images are well known to us, he was never credited for them. And even though some of his images have been reproduced in books on Gandhi, his work has not yet been published or shown as one body of work nor has his work been acknowledged for its historical and artistic importance. With this exhibition, Nazar Foundation aims to correct this anomaly and give a forgotten great photographer his due credit.

Nazar Foundation’s curators, Prashant Panjiar and Sanjeev Saith reached out to Kanu Gandhi’s family, the sole copyright holders of his work, meticulously researched a long forgotten archive, sifting through more than a 1000 images to produce this exhibition which reveals rare and personal photographs of the Mahatma.