Igor Pisuk


Deceitful Reference

Fleeting encounters, suggestive self portraits, strange scenes: at first, Igor Pisuk series is difficult to connect to, leaving a lot of space for free associations. The pictures create moods and sensations. Like single notes that produce special melody when part of a series, they open up feelings the viewer needs to get in tuch with (…)

Above all, the commute between Poland and Sweden- he currently lives in Stockholm- is the reason for the project’s complexity, Themes of isolation, loneliness and abandonment form the basis for his emotional series.

However, it is only because of this brutal honesty and openness that they can touch the viewer.

Ulrich Rüter


Deceitful Reference- In this long term project I try to be honest to my inner feelings, and dreams.

Deceitful Reverence is a multi-layered story about loneliness and emigration. It is an individual, personal look at the inner and outer world, which is Constantly stirred and interacting with one another, pervading…

Igor Pisuk