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Introspective Photography

Hasib Zakaria 


Duration: 6 Days

Dates: Jan 14 to 19 2015

Seats: Booked

No Fees

“Introspective Photography” is a workshop that will concentrate on two major areas of photography the craft and then the art. During the course there will be a discussion on the fundamental characteristics of photography, which make this medium different from all the other visual arts.  

Elliott Erwitt said, “Photography is a craft. Anyone can learn a craft with normal intelligence and application. To take it beyond the craft is something else. That's when magic comes in.”

In this workshop, the participant’s fears and preconceived notions will be challenged. They’ll certainly hit a “reef” now and then, and may even feel compelled to abandon ship at times.This is perfectly normal and to be expected. And for that reason the workshop is designed to help one to get free of the reef and back on course. There are certainly times of bad weather, lousy light or a limited choice in subject matter, but this workshop will certainly dispel the myth that “there is nothing to photograph”.

During the workshop, participants will take photographs, observe, think and talk about their own images. By using painting, literature, sculpture, videos and music for inspiration, the instructor will imbibe in his students an appreciation of life and culture, which they then use to drive their own photography.

Submission Guideline: Your submission should be a portfolio with minimum 8 to 12 images. We will not accept single image submissions. Images should be in JPEG format with 1000 pixels on the longest side.

Submission Deadline: December 25, 2014

All submissions will receive an email response by December 28, 2014 


This is a semi advance level Workshop. The participants must fulfill the following requirements:

1.    Have basic photography technique skills.

2.    Have a digital camera.

3.    Have computer (with Photoshop &/or Lightroom)  and Internet access.

4.    Be self-motivated individuals willing to work under serious pressure.

Total Sessions: 6


14- 01- 2015

Brief Introduction + Portfolio review + Assignment 1 (A1)

15- 01- 2015

Expanding your vision + A1 evaluation + A2

16- 01- 2015

What makes a striking image + A2 Evaluation + A3

17- 01- 2015

Composition and meaning+ A3 Evaluation+ A4

18- 01- 2015

A4 evaluation + reshoot

19- 01- 2015

Editing and Discussions + Wrap up