Golam Moshiur Rahman Choudhury


Loop of Crave

Since then, we humans are competing with each other to fulfill our diversified desires. We fight for food and freedom, killing for power and for pride; we let our friends fall down to see ourselves raised. We have been taught to win, not to show mercy to the loser. We, humans, are living in and living for desire.

In Loop of Crave, as an animator, Golam Moshiur Rana tried to portray that visible and invisible competition that exists among humans with a very typical animation approach that is inspired by Tom and Jerry and other popular animation shorts of a similar quality.

Animation is a genre of film; the art of animation has been developed simultaneously with the development of photography and film, so a good animated film is at the same time a high quality sequence of photography. Though animation is now being created digitally, the visual aesthetics of animation, especially in 3D animation and stop motion animation, continue to depend on photographic skill. Composition, light, colours, depth of field and other elements are components of animation directly linked to photography.

The Loop of Crave as an animation project practices the knowledge of photography in the same way that any film does.