Chobi Mela X is partly commissioning 13 Bangladeshi artists as Chobi Mela Fellows to produce site-specific artwork. To investigate the theme Place, artists from different backgrounds of painting, drawing, architecture, sculpture, photography, video, sound and installations will expand the possibilities of the medium and test the language of manifestations. These independent projects are nurtured with dialogues and guidance from the festival curators led by Zihan Karim and coordinated by Debashish Chakrabarty and Joe Paul Cyriac.

Through this initiative, Chobi Mela aims to support new media artists of Bangladesh to develop their independent projects entailing experimentation and expansion.

Drik-Pathshala Under-Construction Building

16 shukrabad West Panthapath,

Dhanmondi, Dhaka 

Gallery Hours:

11.00 AM to 08.00 PM (Everyday)