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10.30 am: “Building a community through Photobook Club's” Talk by Daniel Donnelly and Yoshikatsu Fujii | Pathshala South Asian Media Institute

12.00 pm: Dummy book presentation by the participants of The Photobook Masterclass | Pathshala South Asian Media Institute

3.00 pm: “Overlaps and Confluences: South Asian Photography” Panel discussion by Prashant Panjiar, NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati, Shahidul Alam. Moderated by Tanzim Wahab | Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

4:00 pm: “Creating shared culture” Lecture by Alasdair Foster | Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

6:00 pm: "A way of being - a way of seeing" talk by Martin Bogren | Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

7.00 pm: "The Pseudo Archive" Talk by Pushpamala N | Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

10:30 pm "Photography and Reality" Talk by Duane Michals (Live from New York) | Pathshala South Asian Media Institute (By invitation only)

Earlier Event: February 5
Later Event: February 7