Tushikur Rahman


Fatalistic Tendency

There is one place in which one’s privacy , intimacy , integrity and inviolability are guaranteed. one’s body and mind , a unique temple and a familiar territory of sense and personal history , space and time are warped by sleep deprivation, the frequent outcome of anxiety and stress. Gradually, one who wishes to suicide loses his mental resilience and sense of freedom. He feels alien and objectified - unable to communicate, relate, attach or empathize with others. He / she floating in the dreams and eventually fleeting in the sky. The taste of suicide. The true sensation. He feels - the extreme fantasy.

The unexpected depth of sadness running through , perhaps ! On the other hand , nightmares leads to a slashed wrist which looks suspiciously  like a suicide attempt . Who all dream about the same horribly burned man / woman . The creepy , surreal fantasy features are terrifically overwhelmed in the inner label of mind , the fantasy of world as like as " Monster Ball " . Finally , he / she turned into blue [ the paranoid delusion ] .

A confession of a suicide . intentionally provoked , all the fearful moments . Once a person has taken their life , in the inner realms , the " suicide" will repeat automatically the feelings of despair and fear which preceded his self--- murder , and go through the act and the death struggle time . after time with ghostly persistence ......the earth life for a very long time , unaware that have lost the physical body .