Tapash Paul


A Pause To Breathe...

I found loneliness in a space, and that loneliness traveled into me. There is a silent triangular relationship between the space, the animals and the human. Love creates bridges; I fell in love with the animals and space and then I allowed that love to flow in my photography.

My photo story is based on Dhaka zoological garden, which is a unique place for recreation. It is located in a natural landscape sixteen kilometres away from the city center. About three million visitors visit this zoo every year. The large, sprawling character of the zoo attracts city people seeking relief from the bustle and monotony of urban life.

When I started working at the zoo it seemed impossible to relate it, but after spending lots of time there I was gradually able to develop a relationship.

The reality in the zoo is such that the cages are small, dirty, and poorly maintained, conditions are inhospitable, the food supply is generally inadequate and visitors often throw junk food into the trash-strewn pens. But still the zoo remains enormously popular among Bangladeshis and the price of tickets is cheap.

My photography project, A Pause to Breathe, wishes to inspire the millions of visitors who come to the zoological gardens to try and connect with the animals, and to care about that connection.