Abdollah Heidari  



Lost Intimacy

We seek to maintain links with others throughout our lives. Intimacy is not just a wish or a hope but a real need and essential to the fabric of life. A faulty heating system in a girl’s school in a remote village in Iran led to the biggest fire in the nation’s history. Two students died and several others were severely burnt. 

This is not unusual in Iranian schools. Six fires since 1997 have caused the death of dozens of students and several teachers. Survivors also suffer from depression. Their spirit burns with the loss of their dear ones.

A reduced life expectancy coupled with loneliness, lack of motivation and rejection by society leads to a nightmarish life. Communication breaks down, even with nearest family. A lack of confidence makes expressing their needs even more difficult. Lamenting their lost beauty every time they look at a mirror, they long for intimacy in order to continue living. 

Renewing old relationships and being close again relies on hugging, shaking hands, kissing, playing, and casual conversation. Through intimacy.