Abir Shome


Capital – Equal

Initially, when Abir Shome’s journey started with the Chobi Mela team, he had no concept at all. It is the way he works whenever he begins a project – it is not about a concept, but a process which questions ideology and power, delivered in a silly way.

The idea for this work came when he was returning home from a department store. He decided that, in a funny kind of way, capitalism promotes equality. For example: pick a bar of soap of a particular brand, and every copy of that soap is the same price. Whether a king or a hobo, everybody pays the same price for it.

In the art market, the price always fluctuates. So Shome took ten sheets of paper - of equal quality and price - and thought: “Let’s vandalize this equality.”

Shome removed the price tags from products he had consumed and pasted them to those blank sheets in various compositions. He made the ten laziest art works, with varying prices. He named the work Capital – Equal; a revolutionary process of manufacturing art for poor artists.

Other pieces in this series continue to celebrate this idea.